Welcome the The Potter's Gallery

The Potter's Gallery is the Brand Name for Overberg Pottery cc. established in Harbour Road Kleinmond, Western Cape South Africa 1st July 1991. Corinne, with 23 years of experience and skill, uses her innate talent, to grow the recognizable Generous Country Ceramics brand that The Potter's Gallery is famous for. Trendsetting the functional ceramics niche market, The Potter's Gallery has seen many phases and fashions come and go.

Pure clay and earth materials are used to make my range of ceramics, and the utmost attention to detail in finishing and quality makes for pots of outstanding presence, functionality and beauty.

The catch phrase “generous handmade country ceramics” rings true:

Generous with robust proportions and a generosity for serving food
All pots are individually handmade from raw plastic clay and formed by human hands before getting fired in the studio kilns to make them glow with the innate colours of clay and glaze.
Country defines the authenticity of approach yet with a strong contemporary application.
 Ceramics refer to the truth to clay as material.

Especially famous in the Western Cape, the Potter’s Gallery, situated little more than an hour from Cape Town, is definitely known throughout our country, and many clients form across the world also support this artisan craft business repeatedly.

Products we are Famous for

Functional ware: The food lovers of South Africa have great pleasure in supporting the functional ceramics in our gallery for their food professional and catering needs. The platters, ovenware and dinnerware make everyday a special occasion. From lovingly prepared food for intimate dinners, to grand events, my pots are must have items.

Décor ware: Home Décor specialists also seek out the vases, lamp bases, once-off pieces, decorative jars and flower containers form my pottery studio, because quality and consistent design standards are adhered to. Some of the best décor shops in our country stock ceramics form our range, each choosing a selection of the range available, to ensure exclusivity within their own niche market.

Garden Pots: Owners of famous gardens, wine farms as well as specialist landscapers have chosen our terracotta pots for their specialty planter and flowerpot needs. Even small aloes and cacti will find their pot-home in our selection of terracotta ware. The range of planters is extensive, and suits the needs of smaller gardens, hotels, lodges and guest houses. The largest pots grace verandas, stair cases and outdoor feature areas, with the smaller ones finding a home on window sills and veranda areas.

Custom Designed pots are also made from time to time. One of the most popular specialist items are wall pots, water features, and herb pots. Traditional methods of large pot making as well as throwing is used to transform the earthenware clay into fabulous pots.

Inspiration: Living in Kleinmond, in the awesome Overberg area on the Cape Whale Coast, much of my inspiration for work and life is derived directly from my surroundings. With the rugged Cape-Fold-Belt Mountains of the Western Cape behind us, and the Atlantic Ocean before us, one is close to the tranquillity and power of nature. My spiritual closeness to the ocean as my Source to the Higher Self, expresses directly in the grounded approach of my work-quality.

I chose the field of functional ceramics to infuse daily life the sensuality of using handmade pots.  To serve food, and eat out of bowls and plates that are handmade, adds so much to our connectedness to ourselves and to humankind, and the love and care infused in the making process. If we as functional pot makers do our work well, our pots will give pleasure, as we had pleasure in making them.