Down to Earth Collection

Down to Earth Collection - Limited Edition


This contemporary collection is inspired by the fascinating colour variations in stone and rock. Unusual textural colour, counterbalanced by darker tone of slate; irregular, unique and asymmetrical shapes - All interlaced as a range of serving- and dinnerware for the fashionable table or contemporary statement pieces for the home.

Organic Shaped Bowls
    Size range    
       8-9 cm            
       10.5-12 cm
       14-16.5 cm
       17 - 20 cm

Square and Rectangular shapes    
       14 x 43 cm
       16 x 38 cm
       39.5 x 39.5 cm   
       30.5 x 50 cm

  • Colour Matt Charcoal

Round Platters
    30.5 cm

    38.5 cm

    56 cm

Asymmetrical platters and bowls    
    Size Range
    various shallower and deeper,    
    from 14cm to 44cm


    Large Wide Rim Plate 32cm
    Small Wide Rim Plate 22cm