Signature White Collection Dinnerware


A collection of functional plates and bowls for the home cook and restaurateur. the collection has been designed to fulfill every day - as well as special occasion needs, offering different sizes to be combined according to personal taste and requirements. The classic designs ensure timeless elegance with functionality.

  • Classic Round Plates
  • Pasta, Cereal, Pudding, Relish
  • Dinner Plates

Classic Dinnerware    
    Round Dinner Plate    29        
    Round Side Plate    19            
    Relish Bowl    12w x 5h        
    Pudding Bowl    14w x 6h            
    Cereal Bowl    19w x 8h            
    Pasta Bowl    20w x 8h

  • Wide Rim Plates

Wide Rim Dinnerware
    Dinner Plate    28            
    Side Plate    19        
    Fish Plate    24                            
    Underplate    33

  • Cut Edge French Plates
  • Olive Garland Plates

French Embossed Dinnerware

    Olive garland dinner plate    33        
    Olive garland side plate    24        
    Olive garland dinner,"cut edge"    33        
    Olive garland side, "cut edge"    33