Signature White Collection Kitchenware


Original design, attention to detail and striking appearance mark this collection of ceramic ware for the kitchen and table. Often a preferred choice as gift to those appreciating the uniqueness of the authentic handmade item.  

  • Rounded Jugs
  • Flat bottom jugs


    Extra Large

  • Squeezer Detail
  • Large Squeezer

Citrus squeezer

    Small    20w x 12h
    large    30w x 10h

  • Butter Fish

Mini Bowls

    Butter fishes        13 cm
    Mini Bowls        9 to 13    cm

  • Flower Handle
  • Olive Handle
  • Flower Detail
  • Acorn Detail

Butter or Cheese Dishes

    Rope handle        18cm square
    Decorative handle    18 cm square

  • Bread Warmers, Round or Oval
  • Round olive oil bottle
  • Olive Oil Bottles
  • Olive and Pip Bowl with olive stamp detail

Olive Range

Olive oil / Vinegar bottles

    with handle
Olive & Pip Bowls
Bread Warmers

Olive Jars

    sml, med , lrg

Olive Jars with wooden lids

    sml. med, lrg

  • Rounded Sugar Bowls
  • Rounded Sugar and Milk
  • Conical Milk and Sugar
  • Oupa, Ouma, Rounded and Conical mugs
  • Cuppaccino Cup
  • Cuppaccino Cup

Tea & Coffee Range
    Rounded shape
    Conical shape    
    Oupa Mugs
    Ouma Mugs
Cuppaccino Cups    
Milk Jug, round or conical
    sml   ,  lrg
Sugar Bowl, round or conical
    sml  ,  lrg    
Teaspoon holders